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Full managed
cPanel/WHM licence


  • Our included services:
  • cPanel/WHM licence for VPS
  • Full initial setup of OS and cPanel
  • Firewall & security
  • MySQL, Apache, Exim optimisation
  • Antivirus, Antispam setup
  • Proactive monitoring 24/7
  • Technical support 24/7

VPS management

25Monthly + 50 Setup Fee

  • Services activation and configuration:
  • On-demand services installation and configuration
  • Firewall configuration
  • We allocate 1 hour monthly for your server:
  • Proactive monitoring 24/7
  • Software updates
  • Software maintenance
  • Security check

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Ducadu Cloud consists of multiple physical servers that are brought together to form a shared resources pool ( CPU, RAM, storage).
Thus, instances (virtual machines) are scaled to several physical machines (servers), resulting in considerable performance improvement.
Virtualization is based on the KVM hypervisor, which guarantees dedicated resources for cloud-based instances.

The storage system is redundant, scalable, distributed over 2 geographic locations, guaranteeing the integrity, security and availability of data, even during maintenance interventions.
Storage servers are interconnected with 80 Gbps links and optimized to deliver maximum performance. Write and read speeds are up to 700 MBps.
✓ Unlimited traffic
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You can easily manage your Cloud services from the administration panel, accessible from the client account. The average time from ordering the product until VPS provision is 1-2 minutes after payment was received.
✓ Scalability
✓ Flexibility
✓ No down-time


We are constantly improving our hardware products, making sure that the technologies and products we use are up to date with the offers of industry leading manufacturers such as Cisco, HP, Intel, Dell.

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